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If you are having trouble activating Windows 8 it may be because you were never presented with an option to enter the key however these commands will help you change the Windows 8 Key. After installing Windows 8 Enterprise on my Dell 6500 I had an issue activating it which I found out happened to a few other people as well. What happens is I was never prompted to enter my key and the option to change the key was missing. After following this procedure Windows 8 Enterprise was successfully activated.


Right click the left hand corner of your Windows 8 screen and Click Command Prompt (Admin)


At the command prompt, type: slmgr.vbs -ipk <then type your product key>


Hit Enter on your keyboard, then type: slmgr.vbs -ato


That’s it and note that this should work on any edition of Windows 8 that you use.

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Updated Option

The SLUI 3 Command is another option

If you bring up the run command or a command prompt you can type in “SLUI 3″ and hit enter.

You should see the Windows Activation box come up and ask you for a key. Put your Key in and Press Activate

After you hit Activate you will see the activating Windows Box come up

 After a few seconds, your copy of Windows 8 will be activated.

Thanks Ftcreator for the tip!!

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